Labor strikes

at dozens of manufacturers in the city of Matamoros, near the Mexico-U.S. border , are costing the sector about USD $50 million a day in unfulfilled international contracts, an industry representative said on Tuesday.

The strikes have affected 45 factories since they began on Friday , Luis Aguirre, president of a national board representing exporting manufacturers (INDEX), said in a statement.


, a city in the northern state of Tamaulipas , is one of Mexico’s top producers of auto parts and electronics .

Several Mexican business lobbie s, including the Auto Industry Association and INDEX , said several manufacturers had accepted the workers’ demands so they could resume production.

Factory workers

in Matamoros demanded a 20% pay rise and an MXN $32,000 bonus .

So far. 29 factories are normally operating again.

Joel Arturo Vázquez

, the communication secretary of the Union of Day Laborers, Industrial Workers and Workers from the Maquila Industry of Matamoros (SJOIIM) , said that Parker Brownsville 1, Parker Brownsville 2, Dura de México 2, Dura de México 3, Dura de México 4, Procesos Logísticos y Electrónicos, Kongsberg Interior Systems, Olson Internacional, Lineage Power, OHD Operators, all agreed to grant the 20% pay rise, as well as the bonus.

On the other hand, Matamoros' Mayor, Mario López Hernández, said that he doesn't agree with the statements issued by Luis Aguirre Lang , president of a national board representing exporting manufacturers ( INDEX ), as Lang claimed that at least 15 companies announced they were closing their plants in Matamoros and that 35,000 jobs will be lost.

“The president of INDEX made a declaration, I think it's a very inappropriate declaration because the companies should be the ones doing it and not an organization, therefore I don't agree,” he said.

He also said that they need to create a strategy so that companies continue operating in the Mexican border, which requires cooperation from those involved.

He also said that the intention is not that they leave the city, but that they reach agreements and keep operating normally so there are no economic losses .


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