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Medina Mora resigns as minister of Mexico’s Supreme Court
The Minister decided to present his resignation in the context of an investigation against him for receiving financial transfers that do not correspond with the income levels reported in his assets declaration
Austerity vs. squandering
Although it is commendable that the government congratulates its female workers, these celebrations should comply with austerity measures
Influence peddling at Aeroméxico
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13 passengers dead after Russian plane catches fire
A Russian Aeroflot plane was forced to make an emergency landing after the plane caught fire mid-flight
Inside Colosio's autopsy
The video of the autopsy has been released 25 years after Colosio was murdered
Conacyt gave MXN $50,000 million to private companies
The current administration cut MXN $2,500 million from the Conacyt's budget
Investigators have identified a prime suspect who according to early information is believed to be a Mexico City police officer.
The investigation will look at possible anti-competitive behavior in the market for production, distribution and commercialization of public telephone service for sale to final users via telephonic apparatuses for public use
The embattled outgoing governor, who faces federal corruption investigations, said that he will step down almost two months before his term ends.
The report written by Sergio Aguayo, a human rights activist and academic at the elite College of Mexico, is based on testimony gathered by Mexican prosecutors, government and independent human rights organizations, as well as U.S. records.