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Israel's attorney general announces indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israel’s attorney general indicted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges on Thursday, raising more uncertainty over who will ultimately lead a country mired in political chaos
Sweden drops rape investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
A prosecutor dropped a rape investigation against Julian Assange, ending the case that had sent the anti-secrecy campaigner into hiding in London’s Ecuadorian embassy to avoid extradition
Mexico granted asylum to Bolivian ex-president Evo Morales
Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Sunday he was resigning to ease violence that has gripped the South American nation since a disputed election
Brazil's leftist former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva released from prison
Brazil’s leftist former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva left prison after a judge ordered his release, reigniting both ends of the political spectrum with calls for demonstrations in coming days
Trump impeachment: House passes resolution formalizing impeachment inquiry
If the House eventually votes to impeach Trump, that would set up a trial in the Senate. Trump would not be removed from office unless votes to convict him by a two-thirds margin
Chile cancels APEC trade summit and major climate gathering COP25 after riots
Chile’s withdrawal as host—the first time a host nation has pulled out of hosting a major climate summit at such short notice—threw the process into confusion
After nationwide protests, Saad al-Hariri quits as Lebanon PM
Saad al-Hariri’s third term as Prime Minister of Lebanon was mired in political rivalries that obstructed reforms needed to save the country from economic collapse
Claudia López, first openly gay woman mayor elected in Colombia
During her campaign, Claudia López did not focus on LGBT+ rights or her sexuality, instead, she pledged to fight all forms of discrimination and inequality
39 bodies found in truck container in Essex, England
Police said the trailer had traveled from Belgium to Purfleet on Wednesday. It left the port on the truck and ambulance services notified police about the discovery of the bodies
Spain jails Catalonia separatist leaders, sparking protests
Last Monday, the Supreme Court found nine politicians and activists guilty of sedition and sentenced them to up to 13 years in jail, triggering street unrest