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The corruption-ridden indigenous community of Nahuatzen fights for its autonomy
Nahuatzen is a hamlet of about 50 indigenous communities in Michoacán fighting to achieve autonomy
President López Obrador delivers first state of the union address
López Obrador has acknowledged his government must do more to improve security
6 crimes on the rise in Mexico City
Mexico City’s Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice said that despite the upturn of those crimes, there is a falling trend in several others, result of the safety measures recently implemented in the capital
Medical interns to national strike in Mexico
The protest of medical interns goes far beyond scholarships: security, certainty about their community service, and support from the government are some of their demands
Human rights activist Zenaida Pulido murdered
Zenaida Pulido Lombera was the coordinator of the International Caravan in Search of the Disappeared, in Aquila, Michoacán
Mexican women feel more at risk than men
Mexico seems to be a hostile country for women
Reporting crimes in Mexico is pointless
The police officers deployed at the subway stations could be colluding with criminals
Mexico vows to identify thousands of human remains amid surge in violence
The government said it would commit USD$21 million to update forensic databases and bring in experts
More than 1,000 clandestine graves found in Mexico since 2006
Mexico has a troubling lack of anthropologists and criminal experts, which makes it hard to identify the bodies
Most dangerous boroughs in Mexico City
The first half of 2019 showed an expansion and diversification of criminal groups in Mexico City