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Mexican girl is recognized as outstanding young innovator
Xóchitl, who is from Chiapas, created Warm Barh, a solar water heater made from recycled objects
The young Mexican developing space technology
The young Mexican student from Tampico dreams of becoming and astronaut
Mexico is the top video games consumer in Latin America
According to experts, the popularity of video games could be used to promote healthy habits
Mexicans create the first vegan leather using nopal
Adrián López and Marte Cázarez developed Desserto, a synthetic cactus leather to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry
Mexican student creates self-regenerating rubber pavement
Israel Antonio Briseño designed a pavement made from rubber tires that self-regenerates when water makes contact with the floor
Mexican students generate energy with recycled water
According to INEGI, approximately 21.2 million homes in Mexico receive water daily, and around 1 million only receive it once a week. The lack of water faces several problems such as the overexploitation of aquifers, distribution networks, and pollution
Business leaders in Mexico: “Knowledge is not enough, we need skills”
EL UNIVERSAL and Vocento gathered companies, academics, and government in a forum; we have the opportunity to change teaching models: Luisa María Alcalde
Mexican scientists obtain patent for Kisín, very spicy habanero pepper
The title of breeder is equivalent to a patent and grants intellectual property rights to all the involved in the development of Kisín
Mexican firm wins Young Architects award at New York’s MoMA
The Young Architects program was founded by the MoMA and the MoMA PS1 in New York
Mexican students create app to learn Tseltal
Tseltal is a Mayan language spoken in Chiapas