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Setbacks affect the health sector
The 2019 budget for the Health Ministry is MXN $652 million higher than in 2018
UNAM scientists obtain patent to treat liver damage in HIV patients
The chemical formulation can return the patient's liver to its normal regenerative capacity
Austerity at the IMSS sparks crisis
Should be government implement budget cuts to an institution that provides healthcare to those in need?
Mexican official resigns as HIV drug shortage sparks outcry
Carlos Magis confirmed that he had quit his job as director of comprehensive care at the national HIV/AIDS agency, Censida
Drug buying plan leaves hundreds without HIV treatment in Mexico
Mexico’s health ministry said on Monday that it would address the lack of HIV drugs
Mexico City sex workers march for their rights
Mexico’s government put out a statement last month, claiming that there is enough medication for those who have been diagnosed with HIV
Thousands feared at risk after Mexico reforms HIV+ regime
López Obrador announced a clutch of reforms, some of which could have a serious impact on patients living with HIV
90% of Mexican women with HIV got it from stable partners
In Mexico, out of all 230,000 people living with HIV in 2017, 21.7% were women
Is the President being indulgent?
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STIs on the rise among Mexican teens
35% of patients with syphilis, chlamydia, genital herpes, yeast infections, and HIV fall in the age range of 12 to 17