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The 6 Mexican drug cartels fueling the U.S. drug and opioid crisis
Asian, especially Chinese, money laundering organizations are now working for Mexican drug cartels
From April 21 to July 9 there have been 90 murders: Tamaulipas Attorney General
After five hours of confrontation between members of the criminal group and federal agents, José Antonio N, aka “La Hamburgesa”, was finally apprehended
Prosecutors relied on the testimony of informants who assisted Sgt. Julian Prezas in forwarding the weapons to the Gulf Cartel
Some of the personalities mentioned in his book are Tomás Yarrington, Manuel Cavazos Lerma and Eugenio Javier Hernández Flores, former governors of Tamaulipas, and Egidio Torre Cantú, current governor of the state.
Cleofas Alberto was arrested on March 13 in Mexico City.
As head of the Gulf Cartel, Juan Jesús Guerrero ran a large criminal enterprise whose activities included murders, narcotics trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, bribery, money laundering and torture.
The victims have not yet been identified and their bodies have not yet been found.
Angel Eduardo Prado is considered one of the first 15 priority objectives in the state.
Over the last 18 years, 806 people have helped the PGR in its investigations as protected witnesses.