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The story behind marzipan
Several countries claim to have invented marzipan: Germany, Italy, France, Greece, and others
Champurrado, a traditional Mexican beverage
This traditional hot beverage dates back to pre-Colonial times
Carlos Gaytán, the Mexican chef innovating in Chicago
Carlos Gaytán is the first Mexican chef to receive a Michelin star in the United States
Oaxaca has everything: beautiful buildings, archeological sites, natural wonders, and incredibly complex gastronomy
Mexico City's best new bistro rescues native maize
There is no fixed menu and the restaurant only uses seasonal produce
The origin of cod in Mexican cuisine
Originally from Noruega, cod is a white fish that lives in cold seas. It is caught in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and the Scandinavian countries
Mexican smart food, a healthy option
Smart food includes a minimally processed balanced diet related to sustainable food systems that require fewer pesticides and agrochemicals
Pulque and Barbacoa Fair in Mexico City
Enjoy delicious tacos and pulque at the Magdalena Contreras borough!
Mexico, Latin America's culinary mecca
Mexico has 11 restaurants in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants list
Ina Garten whitewashes pozole
Garten disrespects a dish that is at least 500 years old