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Pemex to go retro with new network of gas stations
Mexico's state oil company will look to exploit nostalgia through a retro 1950s design in its new gas stations
Mexico to keep oil prices stable after Saudi Arabia attacks
Last Saturday, in a move expected to send oil prices soaring and increase tensions in the Middle East, two main facilities of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry were attacked by Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi group
ICA, Samsung and KBR to build the Dos Bocas refinery
The companies that offered a higher percentage of national integration were ICA with 96%, Samsung with 50% in both of its contracts, and KBR with 79.5% in one contract and 85.7% in another.
Mexico starts the construction of the Dos Bocas oil refinery
The President revealed that “every month, I host at least 20 meetings with foreign and Mexican investors who want to build a refinery”
Shell sells most expensive fuel in Mexico, study shows
The Mexican government conducted a price analysis of more than 12,500 gas stations, according to the CRE
In November, 90% of the gasoline prices will be determined by supply and demand; head of the CRE dismisses sudden price variations
The inventor wants to build a micro-refinery that produces fuel using trash from his local landfill.
Mexican government said the deregulation had long been planned, but unfortunately coincided with rising world oil prices
Mexico's gasoline price ceiling increase is part of a government plan to move away from set prices for fuel
Finance Minister defended the fuel price hike, arguing that keeping gasoline costs artificially low following an increase in international oil prices was too expensive for public finances