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Mexico’s seaports: drug trafficking, smuggling, and fuel theft
An investigation revealed widespread corruption a Mexican ports, which are tainted by corruption
Mexico’s Supreme Court blocks the use of higher ethanol levels in gasoline
The Court’s decision follows a modification of a gasoline regulation by Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission which sought to allow up to 10% ethanol in gasoline sales nationwide
Pemex to invest trillions in the current administration
Pemex's new exploratory and development strategy is part of the investment program Mexico's government will present in February
Mexico hedges Pemex 2020 oil output to protect from low crude prices
The oil hedging program, the world’s largest financial oil deal, is designed to protect Latin America’s second-largest economy against oil price crashes
Mexico defers clean diesel rule for Pemex
Mexico’s Energy Regulator voted to defer for five more years a rule requiring national oil company Pemex to produce, distribute and sell ultra-low-sulfur diesel nationwide
Mexico's fuel reserves are at risk
In 2016, Mexico's oil reserves were enough for three days
Major Mexico natural gas pipeline starts operations
TC Energy and IEnova announced that the USD $2.6 billion Marino Sur pipeline will begin its operations after the renegotiation of the terms of natural gas pipeline contracts that are expected to save the Mexican government USD $4.5 billion
ICA, Samsung and KBR to build the Dos Bocas refinery
The companies that offered a higher percentage of national integration were ICA with 96%, Samsung with 50% in both of its contracts, and KBR with 79.5% in one contract and 85.7% in another.
Mexico's new oil refinery threatens 4,000 animals
Experts identified 4,239 animals from 119 species between March 13 and April 1, 2019, in the area
Mexico forsakes science
EL UNIVERSAL reveals the difficulties faced by at least four research centers throughout the country