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Karime Macías attempts to prevent her arrest in Mexico
Karime Macías claims to live a modest life yet she lives in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in London
Santiago Nieto goes after the former Infonavit director
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The fraudulent business of exorcisms
The so-called “healing masses” and alleged exorcisms are performed by fake priests who take advantage of people with health, economic, or emotional problems
The politicians and prominent figures investigated or charged with crimes in Mexico
The current administration is currently investigating several former ministers, lawyers, and politicians
Karime Macías was freed after paying $3.5 million to UK authorities
Macías, accused of misusing public funds, has been living a life of luxury after fleeing Mexico
Pemex: 20 years of corruption, fraud, and fuel theft
Besides fraud and bribes at Pemex, in recent years, even oil rigs have been looted
Now-extinct party, Nueva Alianza, has been linked to money laundering network
At least one of the companies has been linked to the Estafa Maestra
Pemex was part of the so-called “Master Fraud”
The fraud scheme used in Pemex is the same as the one used at the Sedesol and Sedatu
The so-called Master Fraud benefited 172 companies
These companies are being investigated for corruption, fraud, operating shell companies, and money laundering, among other crimes
IT security, the weakest point of Mexican diplomatic missions
In addition to not being approved by the central office nor by the National Security System, communications infrastructure and security protocols are not implemented in Mexico’s Representations Abroad