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The Mexican students reforesting Yucatán’s dunes
The project seeks to reforest 9,000 square meters od dunes in Sisal, Yucatán
Mexico’s craddle of corn is threatened by climate change
In recent years, more frequent and longer droughts have forced Mexican farmers to give up corn and other cereals in favor of alternatives requiring less water
Endemic fauna of Cozumel is highly endangered by invasive species
Endemic Cozumel flora and fauna have been undermined up to 70% for human activities as well
Mexico ratifies cleaner-diesel use rule for heavy vehicles
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration is under pressure to fulfill environmental commitments at a time when several cities in the country show high levels of pollution
WWF and Raúl Jiménez work together to save the Mexican wolf
World Wildlife Fund and the English soccer team Wolverhampton are promoting the conservation of the Mexican wolf
Xcaret, the best theme park in the world
Eco-park Xcaret, located in the Riviera Maya, was named the best theme and water park in the world for the fourth year in a row
Jalisco investigates heavy pollution in Santiago river
Jalisco has launched an investigation to determine the source of heavy metals and organic matter polluting a river that feeds what was once a spectacular waterfall
Ja’ Tay Eñoom*, the Sea of the East
*Sea of the East (Sea of Cortez) in the Kiliwa language. A chronicle of events and characters to help us understand and yearn for a sea
Mexico’s plastic bags ban: dangers and alternatives
Approximately 10,000 tonnes of plastic bags pollute the ocean every year
Environmental activist Homero Gómez found dead in Michoacán
Monarch butterfly advocate Homero Gómez González was last seen on January 13