Bar attack kills five in Mexican president's home state prior to Mexican Independence celebrations
The killings were the latest reminder of the chronic security problems faced by López Obrador, a veteran leftist who assumed the presidency pledging to bring down soaring levels of violence
Mexico targets former attorney general in probe of Ayotzinapa case
Encinas said the probe by prosecutors into the officials in charge of the case would focus “in particular” on Jesus Murillo, Tomás Zerón, and José Aarón Pérez Carro
Israeli spies operate in Mexico
The private intelligence agency has offices in Tel Aviv, London, and Madrid
The so-called Master Fraud benefited 172 companies
These companies are being investigated for corruption, fraud, operating shell companies, and money laundering, among other crimes
The opposition vs. the CNTE
Off the Record features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
The National Guard's flaws
A series of inconsistencies in the deployment of the National Guard has been exposed
Mexican art arrives in Beijing
The 8th Beijing International Art Biennale has the objetive of showing the diversity and richness of different cultures in the world
Trial date set for Mexican actor Pablo Lyle
There will be a previous audience on November 27 so that both parties inform if they are ready for the trial or if they need more time
Aztec god Xipe Tótec and his link to pozole
Also called “Our Lord the Flayed One,” Xipe Tótec was the god of new vegetation, fertility, and war and was one of the four creators of the universe
IT security, the weakest point of Mexican diplomatic missions
In addition to not being approved by the central office nor by the National Security System, communications infrastructure and security protocols are not implemented in Mexico’s Representations Abroad