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Where are the witnesses who testified against Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán?
They were three of the main witnesses who helped U.S. authorities to jail “El Chapo” Guzmán for life
Mexican drug cartels are using more advanced airplanes to transport drugs
A few days ago the Mexican army seized an airplane in Mahahual, Quintana Roo
Will Mexican cartels turn into insurgent groups?
In 2019, violent incidents such as Culiacán, the LeBarón massacre, and other crimes shocked Mexico
Mexico’s government is failing to tackle escalating violence
Human Rights Watch has said the violence that has pushed homicide rates to record highs in Mexico shows no signs of progress
Trump dismissed Cabinet’s opposition to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists
Numerous U.S. officials and experts insist that designating Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations would be counter-productive for future cooperation on halting illegal migration and drug trafficking in the border
U.S. terrorist designation of Mexican drug cartels delayed
While the designation would not directly give the United States authority for military operations in Mexico, many Mexicans were nervous their northern neighbor could use it as a pretext for a unilateral intervention
Mexico and the U.S. hold prolific meeting on cartel threat
The two sides discussed their security priorities and among other topics, they talked about arms trafficking, money laundering, and international drug trafficking
Is Santiago Nieto going after Luis Videgaray?
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The U.S. will designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists
Due to their role in drug and human trafficking, the Trump administration will designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists, allowing the U.S. to adopt tougher measures against them