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Mexico is ready to reopen amid a surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths
Physical distancing measures were implemented 70 days ago and now the country is starting to lift some restrictions
Live Updates: COVID-19 death toll in Mexico
Mexico has already overtaken China's death toll
COVID-19: Healthcare workers experience discrimination and violence in Mexico
In contrast with other countries, Mexican healthcare workers are not praised, they’re discriminated
Mexico is among the 10 countries with the highest COVID-19 death tolls
The novel coronavirus has claimed more than 346,000 lives worldwide
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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken thousands of lives all over the world
UNAM to start animal testing on COVID-19 vaccine
UNAM experts plan to run clinical trials in 2021
The New Normal: Mexico launches a four-color coding system to resume activities after COVID-19
Mexico will implement its new four-step "traffic light" model starting on June 1
WHO praises Mexico for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic
The WHO also offered to have a conversation with Mexican authorities regarding technical matters linked to the COVID-19 pandemic
Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón backs domestic workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
There are over 2.3 million domestic workers in Mexico
Is Mexico ready to reopen amid the pandemic?
Governors argue the federal government hasn’t collaborated with them