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Santa Lucía: The legal dispute continues
The Santa Lucía airport has been disputed in court for months
Mexico to pay MXN $75 billion to settle Texcoco Airport
The amount includes roughly MXN $60 billion for finished works, and almost MXN $15 billion for non-recoverable expenses
Engineers should build schools, not students, parents, and teachers
In Mexico, a third of public schools have structural failures and another third operates using unauthorized facilities
Reactivating the real-estate sector in Mexico City
Claudia Sheinbaum canceled construction permits in the city until there was a diagnosis
Mexico moves towards the rule of law
After December 1, there were forecasts that claimed the Executive Branch would dominate the other powers
The collapse of Mexico's public health system
López Obrador revealed that a hospital in Ciudad Juárez was inaugurated back in 2015 by local authorities while it was under construction
Mexican gardener builds home out of sargassum bricks
Omar Vázquez is currently working to generate a positive impact for the environment and Mexico's marginalized communities
Los Pinos, from luxury home to cultural center
During the last 19 years, each President tore down buildings to build others, according to the taste and interests of each leader
The new Mexico City airport will be ready by 2021
According to the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Construction Project, issued by the Defense Ministry, Santa Lucía will saturate in 10 years
UNAM makes sustainable cement out of construction waste
The materials were physically modified to reduce the particle size through a process of sifting and milling