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Australia fires: Countless species on the verge of extinction
Huge wildfires have razed more than 11.2 million hectares, nearly half the area of the United Kingdom, destroying or severely damaging the habitats of several native animals
Mexico’s glaciers are threatened by climate change
With the rise of temperature related to global warming, mountain tops no longer have the necessary conditions to regenerate glaciers
Is climate change to blame for the Venice floods?
Climate change could endanger one of the world's most beautiful cities
Ride, Greta, Ride
But please do not despair in your quest. Ignore those relentless attacks from fool adults.
The environmental impact of the Maya civilization
Due to the agricultural systems they used, the Maya could have had a direct impact in the emission greenhouse gases into the air
Pemex among top 10 global polluters
There are 20 companies responsible to send into the environment 35% of greenhouse gases, that is 480 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide and methane, mainly for the combustion of their products
Climate change will endanger seafood in Mexico
If the Mexican fishing industry doesn't adapt, it will perish
Mexican scientists to delve into Earth’s deepest secrets
The expedition in the Guaymas Basin, located in the Gulf of California, will extract more information about Earth's history and its evolution
Global Climate Strike: Greta Thunberg leads global climate crisis protest
16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has galvanized young people around the world since she started protesting alone with a sign outside the Swedish parliament building in 2018
What is fuelling climate change and the Amazon destruction?
Fires ravaging the Amazon and the Congo Basin prove that the world is in an era of rapid environmental destruction and climate change with long-term negative consequences