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Mexico reaffirms its nationalist policies by canceling 2020 oil and gas auctions
According to the President, private companies are not fulfilling their contracts
Once again, French auction house to sell Mexico’s cultural heritage
Last September, French auction house Millon sold over 100 pre-Columbian artifacts from Mexico's cultural heritage despite Mexico’s efforts to recover them
Rare Mexican feather work sold at Paris auction
The feather mosaic picture was made in Mexico during Colonial times for Christian conquerors and was purchased by Museé du Quai Branly in an auction held at Hotel Drouot in Paris
Mexico's heritage was sold by French auction house
In Mexico, people actively loot archeological zones and steal the pieces
French auctioneer rejects Mexico’s request to halt pre-Columbian artifacts sale
Despite Mexico’s efforts to recover over 100 pre-Columbian artifacts from its cultural heritage, and its call to the French government to take action in the case, auction house Millon proceeded with the sale amassing EUR €1.2 million
Mexico sold Zhenli Ye Gon's mansion for MXN $102 million
In 2007, Mexican officers caught Zhenli Ye Gon hiding USD $207 million in the master bedroom
Proceeds from Zhenli Ye Gon’s house to Pan American athletes
The house of the Chinese-Mexican businessman is valued at a minimum of MXN $100 million, though Mexican authorities expect to obtain more in the auction
Mexico turns seized assets into a source of income
During the Peña Nieto administration, only 2% of the seized assets were transferred to the SAE
Mexico will auction jewelry and watches formerly owned by drug lords
The 148 jewelry lots have an initial price of MXN $21.8 million
Mexico needs to rethink its seize and auction processes
The government has created a catalog that shows jewelry, airplanes, ships, and properties