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Newfound black hole is nearest to Earth yet discovered
European astronomers have found the closest black hole to Earth yet, so near that the two stars dancing with it can be seen by the naked eye
Guillermo Haro, the first Mexican astronomer elected to the Royal Astronomical Society
Haro became an insatiable promoter of science and astronomy in Mexico and the world
Mexicans find galactic sources of the highest-energy gamma rays ever
The discovery was registered in the High-Altitude Water Cherenkov gamma rays observatory in Puebla
Alejandro González Iñárritu receives honorary doctorate from UNAM
The filmmaker was recognized for his contributions to art by Mexico’s highest house of studies
What is the fall equinox?
Fall is officially here!
Mexican scientists win Breakthrough Prize
Project Event Horizon Telescope captured the first photograph of a supermassive black hole
Mexican researcher deciphers ancient cosmic secrets
Rosa Amelia González Lópezlira from the Radioastronomy and Astrophysics Institute led the team of experts
Eta Aquarid meteor shower to light up skies this weekend
The Eta Aquarid meteor shower, peaking overnight from Saturday (May 4) to Sunday (May 5)
The Mexican scientist who collaborated with the Event Horizon Telescope
On April 10, after several years of hard work, a group of scientists from all over the world was able to take the first photograph of a black hole
Mexican telescope collaborated to capture the first image of a black hole
Using a global network of telescopes, including one in Mexico, scientists were able to capture the first ever photo of a black photo