Women take over the Supreme Court and the CNDH

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Women take over the Supreme Court and the CNDH
The federal government will appoint two women to these strategic positions- Photo: Denis Larkin/EL UNIVERSAL
English 06/10/2019 11:15 Mexico City Off the Record Actualizada 11:20
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Women take over the Supreme Court and the CNDH

It seems like now that the federal government will appoint a new magistrate at the Supreme Court and the National Human Rights Commission, both women will be chosen. It's been rumored that Mexico's ruling party, Morena, will support Elizabeth Lara Rodríguez to lead the CNDH. Elizabeth Lara is a lawyer who works at the Human Rights Commission, specialized in the defense of vulnerable groups in southern states and in providing attention to the Central Americans who arrived in Mexico in caravans.

Trouble at the Catholic Church

September was a difficult month for cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes. His detractors say that his reaction wasn't strong enough after some people spray painted and tried to set fire to the fence outside the Metropolitan cathedral during the September 28 protest to demand the decriminalization of abortion. That day, Aguiar Retes tweeted to say that he rejected confrontations, nevertheless, the church had previously declined to join initiatives to defend the churches through social media. These events, along with the silence about the delays in the reconstruction of the churches that were damaged during the 2017 earthquake, have pushed people to voice their displeasure.

Mexico spied singer-songwriter

Workers at the National Archive (AGN) had a busy year since they haven't been able to rest after receiving hundreds of information requests from the now-extinct Federal Security Board after President López Obrador ordered that all the files would be made public. Sources from the AGN say that one of the archives that will be made public is that of singer Joan Manuel Serrat, who was exiled to Mexico since the 70s, after criticizing Franco's regime in Spain. For those interested in reading these reports, the information will be available on March 2020.

Austerity in China

Mexicans aren't having a great time in Hong Kong, where there have been protests against the government in the last two months. In order to warn Mexicans living in the country, the Mexican consulate issued a statement through social media, where it warns that there will be massive protests between October 2 and 7 and asks people to be careful and to stay at home. They also ask people to contact the emergency line in case they need to. But Mexicans in Hong Kong doubt that an office with austere measures can help.


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