False: Woman goes missing after boarding taxi in Mexico City

Laura Karen Espíndola spent 10 hours at a bar

False: Woman goes missing after boarding taxi in Mexico City
Laura Karen went missing on December 3 at 9 p.m. - Photo: Carlos Mejía/EL UNIVERSAL
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UPDATE: Media outlets have shared a video that shows Laura Karen was at a bar for at least 10 hours; therefore, she was never missing and was not kidnapped by a taxi driver.

In the midst of social turmoil over a wave of femicide and violence against women in Mexico, Mexico City is now facing another crisis. Earlier today, it was reported that a woman named Laura Karen Espíndola Fabián went missing after boarding a taxi near a metro station in the south of the city.

Through his Twitter account, Laura Karen's brother asked for help after his sister went missing on December 3.

He shared a screenshot of a text message the victim sent to her mother, telling her that the taxi driver was acting “strange and rude.”

Since Laura's family made her enforced disappearance public, the hashtag #TeBuscamosKaren (We're looking for you Karen) went viral.

Mexico City: At least 8 sex crimes reported every day

After the case went viral, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said she was looking at the case. Laura Karen's brother confirmed that his family has received the support of the local government and that they're collaborating to find the mother of three.

Miguel Ángel Espíndola, Laura Karen Espíndola's father, said that the victim had a job interview earlier that day.

Sex crimes and femicide force Mexican women to take the streets

On December 4, at 11:43 a.m., the victim's family announced she was now home and that there is an ongoing investigation.

After social media users pressured the local authorities to find the missing woman, police officers finally found her alive.

In the last six months, at least four serial rapists who worked as taxi drivers were arrested.

In recent years, Mexico City has been besieged by gender-based violence, with femicide and sexual abuse on the rise.

According to official numbers, in 2018, at least 3,663 women were murdered in Mexico

On November 25, while Mexican women protested against gender violence, Abril Pérez was murdered in cold blood in the city. In January 2019, her ex-husband, Juan Carlos García, a former Amazon Mexico CEO, brutally attacked her with a baseball bat. A judge and a minister released him from jail after they reclassified the crime from attempted murder to domestic violence. Juan Carlos García is the main suspect behind the crime.

Mexico City issues gender alert over alarming femicide rates


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