Why did the government keep this a secret?

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Why did the government keep this a secret?
Irma Eréndira Sandoval is the head of the Public Affairs Ministry - Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
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Why did the government keep this a secret?

Irma Eréndira Sandoval, the Public Affairs Minister, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and the information was kept secret by the federal government for a week. Although the government official could have kept her diagnosis to herself, yesterday, the Public Affairs Ministry issued a statement announcing it. If it was going to be made public, why wait a week to announce it? We’ve been told that it’s important to know if the minister told those whom she was in contact with recently. Now some are wondering if other cabinet members have also contracted COVID-19 and haven’t announced it in public.

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Will Morena give a chance to the opposition?

This week, party leaders in the Senate are looking to create an agenda and reach agreements and present them on Wednesday. In the meeting, Morena leader Ricardo Monreal could propose to work on Thursday or to install the Permanent Commission. In case senators work on Thursday, will there be room for the opposition to make some proposals? Will Morena give a chance to the opposition?

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Morena crushes the opposition

In the lower chamber, Morena will likely crush the opposition once again and quickly approve the presidential initiative to reform the Federal Budget Law and Financial Responsibility Law. Given the health and economic crisis, the decisions accelerated but it affected some people. This was the case when appointing the new head of the Budget Commission, Erasmo González Robledo, which sparked criticism as there was a voting process and no one had a say. Despite the attack and amid the pandemic, Morena is ready to do whatever it takes.

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Reopening schools and universities is a complex issue

The General Health Council is the only institution that can decide when to reopen schools; nevertheless, universities are working on a proposal to reopen their campuses at the same time. In the meantime, some autonomous universities agreed to end the semester on May 30, modify the schedule, cancel vacations, and reschedule exams to enter university. In some cases such as Hidalgo University, they will virtually give students their diplomas. 

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