Who will be appointed to the Supreme Court?

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Who will be appointed to the Supreme Court?
The next minister could be a woman - Photo: Carlos Mejia/EL UNIVERSAL
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Who will be appointed to the Supreme Court?

We've been told that in the senate, the opposition is analyzing a strategy for the appointment and ratification of the new Supreme Court minister since the Constitution doesn't state if in order to accept a resignation, two-thirds of the votes are necessary or if the simply majority is enough. Also, the senate has the faculty to summon minister Eduardo Medina Mora to explain his resignation, therefore, the opposition doesn't approve the way in which Morena is handling things, since the ruling party wants to approve his resignation before October 8 because, from their point of view, the senate should analyze the “serious reasons” behind his resignation. We've been told that Morena's leader, Ricardo Monreal, will have to work because even if the resignation is approved by the simple majority, the appointment of a new minister requires at least 9 votes from the opposition. Nevertheless, the opposition could reject the appointment, even if they are women because the priority is not equality, but balance.

Monreal wants to reach an agreement

We've been told that is keeping Ricardo Monreal busy is to gather enough votes to pass the revocation of mandate and referendum bill, which will be discussed in the Senate before October 10. We've been told that the opposition has not confirmed its vote because it was agreed that some changes would be made, therefore, if the changes were not made, Monreal might not have enough votes.

A harsh judge

On Friday, there was a tense atmosphere at the tribunal that handles the writs of amparo filed against the Santa Lucía airport. We've been told that before the audience began, judge Juan Carlos Guzmán Rosas asked the complainant not to consider him their enemy and remove media outlets from the room. Then, after the audience began, things became tense which caused Sedena's lawyer to refuse to appear in court. In the face of this situation, the judge requested the presence of the police. Once the audience ended, some media outlets talk to the lawyers representing the NGO suing the government. This upset the judge and his secretaries and asked the police to remove reporters from the room. It seems like the judge has forgotten what a public audience means.

Bonilla insist on extending his governorship

Once again, it's been confirmed that the Baja California case is far from over. Besides the so-called referendum that will take place in a week to decide if Jaime Bonilla's governorship will be extended from two to five years. This decision could be contested for being an unconstitutional action and could be discussed at the Supreme Court. So the countdown begins, where Bonilla will insist on extending his period as governor before taking office on November 1.


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