What will the Spanish say about Mexico and the President?

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What will the Spanish say about Mexico and the President?
Paco Ignacio Taibo II, a polemic figure, leads the FCE - Photo: Luis Cortés/WL UNIVERSAL
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What will the Spanish say about Mexico and the President?

The current administration's proselytism is about to cross the Atlantic. We've been told that the Fondo de Cultura Económica, the state-owned publishing house led by Paco Ignacio Taibo II, has called for a meeting at the Juan Rulfo bookstore in Madrid on Friday, in order to analyze Mexico's political situation. The talk was titled “Deciphering Mexico from Spain, who is López Obrador? What is Morena? What is the 4T?” and those who will be present include Arantxa Tirado, Alejandro Pedregal, and José Carlos Morales. We've been told that that the FCE has been looking to improve its finances and create alliances to maintain its presence in Spain but now it's also taking the time to organize political activities in Madrid.

New lawmakers, old vices

Lawmakers and legislators have been at the job for one year and they already practice the same old vices they used to criticize. As you might remember, three secondary laws in regards to education were approved on Friday but many lawmakers decided to stay home instead of working so the laws were approved with 251 votes. We've been told that several Morena lawmakers didn't read the documents or voted, and during the vote for the first two laws, 27 and 28 Morela lawmakers were missing. During the voting process for the third law, 46 Morena lawmakers were gone and 12 from the PT and another 12 from the PES were gone too. Will Mario Delgado discipline them?

Who is telling lies to the President

How long will it take President López Obrador to give a lesson to the people who give him false information and numbers? Which he then uses to make statements and accusations but then has to take them back. The most recent case took place yesterday when the President had to rectify the “other numbers” he was given in regards to medicines. In previous days, the President said that there wasn't a methotrexate shortage, which is used to treat children with cancer and even blamed the company who distributes it of launching a campaign against the government. The truth is that there was a shortage, as later confirmed by the President himself, and that the whole situation wasn't a smear campaign against his administration. How long will he tolerate this?

Zacatecas says no to Ricky Martin

The terrible planning process of the National Zacatecas Fair is quite embarrassing. We've been told that something strange happened since singer Ricky Martin announced he was canceling his concert at the fair for breach of contract. We've been told that those responsible for the cancellation are the company that organized the event and the local government, led by Alejandro Tello Cristerna, from the PRI. They say that Ricky Martin asked for USD $1 million for his concert but in times of austerity, the price seemed absurd. We've been told that other successful fairs like the San Marcos, by law, can't cost over MXN $80 million and that famous singers usually ask for MXN $3 million. Maybe the Governor didn't want to spend too much money in times of austerity and decided to say no to Ricky?