The untapped potential of Mexican mixology

Mario Beltrán y Puga, who works both in Budapest and Mexico City, shares thoughts on Mexican mixology

The untapped potential of Mexican mixology
English 12/01/2019 16:39 Newsroom Mexico City Rubén Hernández Actualizada 16:41
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“Mexico has everything it takes to become a world leader in mixology: Unique natural ingredients, liquors with designation of origin and a strong identity, but most of all, a lot of talent in cities that have become popular tourist destinations. Cocktails have grown in popularity and are now offered at hotels, restaurants, bars, and cantinas. However, it is necessary to dimension the richness and talent found in Mexican mixology in order to promote its development as is the case with other tourist sectors,” stated Mario Beltrán y Puga, assistant manager of Barra México and bartender at Boutique, one of the most prestigious bars in Budapest.

“We see that some areas, such as gastronomy, are getting more and more subsidies from both public and private investment, since establishments seek to encourage and train cooks. However, this is not the case with people behind the bar,” he added.

Mario, who works both in Budapest and Mexico City, has traveled around the world and found that many professionals are deeply appreciative of the ingredients and products that the country has to offer.

They love our fruit, artisanal drinks, and distilled liquors. We should promote this diversity and richness even further, and adapt to the creativity of our producers and bartenders,” he stated.

Mario Beltrán y Puga holds seminars in Barra México, an exclusive event that gathers international liquor brands and mixology professionals every year.

“We have people from all over the country wanting to learn and experiment new techniques and trends with professionals,” he claimed.


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