Theresa May assumes bus contract for Mexico City

Prime Minister Theresa May highlighted that the sale of 90 double-decker buses to Mexico, for Mexico's new Metrobús Line, is only a demonstration of the commercial capacity of her country post-Brexit

English 23/08/2017 18:04 AFP Actualizada 18:55
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Great Britain will head 90 double-decker buses to Mexico City, after signing a contract that Prime Minister Theresa May pointed out as an example of the commercial capacity of the country post-Brexit.

The red double-decker buses, London street icons, were produced in the Alexander Dennis Limited factories in Scotland and Guildford, southwest London.

"We are building a truly global Britain by helping UK companies win multi-million-pound contracts to export their products across the globe," May said at Guildford's factory.

Don't miss the video by British Embassy, Mexico City.

The government assured that the low -emission vehicles would “reduce pollution in Paseo de la Reforma” one of the main avenues in Mexico City.

The contract worth EUR€ 48 million (USD$ 56 million) was awarded by the UK Export Finance (UKEF), the United Kingdom's export credit agency.

Alexander Dennis Limited already sells double-deckers to Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.

A company spokesman said that the Mexico City contract was awarded in 2015, yet the buses were being delivered this year as they had to be adapted for the city's high altitude of about 2,240meters (7349 foot).

The buses are expected to transport passengers in Mexico City by the end of this year.


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