Is there a plan against insecurity?

Whatever the strategy is to fight insecurity, it is clearly not delivering the desired results

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Whatever the strategy is to fight insecurity, it is clearly not delivering the desired results – the downward spiral of violence is just dragging us further down. First and second-degree murders in the country reached a new record in October: 2,371 case files, which makes it the month with the highest crime rate in 20 years.

This data is, unfortunately, not surprising. The numbers have been on the rise this year and what is truly surprising is the official indifference to the figures reported every month by the Executive Secretary of the National Public Security System. There are no explanations provided, not even the renewal of promises claiming to restore the order and safety demanded by the general public.

Is it a lot to ask that federal and local authorities join efforts with the civil society? There are valuable groups and organizations focused on studying the phenomenon and who have several proposals to revert the situation. Their diagnostics, however, are inconvenient due to their veracity and harshness. They highlight the mistakes and point at the huge responsibility of the State, but whom else could be responsible, if the State has the monopoly on the use of force? There shouldn't be criminal organizations with more power than the local authorities, yet the information allows us to conclude otherwise.

The evidence makes one thing certain: one of our greatest weaknesses is the police force. Their procedures, training, and operations vary considerably from one town to the other, and between states.

Presently, the legal review on the police command – single or mixed – remains in the freezer of the Congress of the Union.

The high crime rates have been attributed by many to the new criminal justice system. Should some of the cases were the result of this change, then the population doesn't want to her complaints, it wants to see the police force responding adequately to the challenge.

Given the upcoming political campaign term, the citizens would certainly appreciate knowing the plans being developed to fight insecurity of those who aspire to lead our country, instead of being witnesses of another war with discrediting tactics.

Regarding this pressing matter, vague ideas must be discarded; we need defined and well-thought proposals on law enforcement that contemplate cleaning the jails in the country and the police force, and that can explain in detail the policy to be followed on drug trafficking or the involvement of the Army in security operations. These are critical issues deserving of a straightforward answer.


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