Temi, the AI robot fighting COVID-19 in Mexico

Temi's mission is to protect healthcare workers from COVID-19

Temi, the AI robot fighting COVID-19 in Mexico
The robot can help in the timely treatment of patients with COVID-19 - Photo: Taken from Ternium's Twitter account
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The AI robot that is part of the frontline against COVID-19 at the Nova Hospital and the Ternium Community Hospital allows healthcare workers to treat patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 AT A DISTANCE, AS INFORMED BY Grupo Ternium, the project’s sponsor.

The steel company presented Temi, an advanced AI robot that allows virtual interaction with patients with COVID-19 since it moves autonomously through different areas of the Nova Hospital and the Ternium Community Hospital in order to perform virtual visits.

Ternium explained that Temi has a camera and a voice system and it can be remotely controlled by medical staff through a mobile app.

“Temi will help medical personnel monitor patients without having to be inside a COVID-19 area,” added Carlos Ch{avez, Nova’s administrative director.

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Likewise, he said this technology, which is used for the first at hospitals of the Monterrey metropolitan area, will allow several experts to have more direct contact with patients without having to be next to them.

“The Nova Hospital is the first medical institution that uses this technology in the Nuevo León metropolitan area and with that, it is at the forefront of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic,” asserted Chávez.

For his part, José Luviano, coordinator of Critical Areas of the Nova Hospital, added that at some places where the number of patients surpasses the capacity of medical staff, this kind of technology allows having interaction with patients and detecting signs and symptoms that can help devise a timely treatment.

Meanwhile, Ladislao Guerra, Nova’s Systems chief, said that adding Temi to the anti-COVID health team last August 4 is meant to protect patients and doctors from coronavirus.

“It is a first effort to take advantage of technology to fulfill the new requirements and needs that are coming up with the environment we are now living in,” he stressed and added that this kind of technology of virtual consultations position Ternium and the Nova Hospital at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.


Ternium Mexico is a steel company whose activities range from the extraction of iron ore at their own mines and steel manufacture to the elaboration of finished products with high added value and their distribution.

The steel firm has over 9,000 workers and develops industrial activities throughout Mexico. It has iron mines in Colima, Jalisco, and Michoacán and it has 10 steel plants in Nuevo León, Puebla, Colima, and Coahuila, as well as five service centers, and 11 distribution centers at the main Mexican cities.


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