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Tacos and concerts at the Actopan Barbecue Fair
There will also be a rural gastronomy pavilion where attendants will be able to eat more exotic delicacies - Photo: Courtesy of Actopan Tourism

Tacos and concerts at the Actopan Barbecue Fair

Viridiana Ramírez
Mexico City
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In the traditional Expo Fair of Actopan, attendants can enjoy Mexican food for less than 100 pesos

Since 1971, the town of Actopan, in the state of Hidalgo, celebrates its traditional Expo-Feria (Expo Fair), better known as the Barbecue Fair, where over 40 “barbecuers” compete for the best traditional barbecue recipe, which takes several hours to cook underground.


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The fair started yesterday, but it will run until 15 July. Attendants will not only enjoy their barbecue tacos and broth, but for less than 100 pesos, they will be able to taste pulque and artisan bread. There will also be a rural gastronomy pavilion where attendants may eat more exotic delicacies such as escamoles (ant eggs), silkworms, and chinicuiles (moth larvae).


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The fair will also host free concerts in the center of Actopan, with the participation of Intocable (8 July), Inspector (11 July), Fey (14 July), and Grupo Cañaveral (July 15).

For audiences to get acquainted with the barbecue, there will be an interactive expo with simulations of holes, maguey leafs, and even instructions on how to prepare ximbó chicken, which is wrapped in the maguey’s heart and later dipped into hot sauce and nopales.



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Visitors will also be able to visit the former convent of Actopan and its chapel, travel the Ruta de la Cebada (Barley Route) in the Chicavasco municipality, and visit the Dongú eco-touristic center, with its zip-lines and cabins. Guided tours to these attractions cost less than 100 pesos and tourists may hire these services at special modules in the Actopan Tourist buses downtown.


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