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Sweet tribute to Chiles en nogada!
A Chile en nogada Bon Bon is a safe option if you want to indulge yourself in this sweet, yet unconventional trend, just don't be surprised to find a tiny slice of poblano pepper inside this delightful piece! - Photo: Sofía Danis/EL UNIVERSAL in English

Sweet tribute to Chiles en nogada!

EL UNIVERSAL in English/Sofía Danis
Mexico City
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There is no doubt that Chiles en nogada are in the spotlight each year on September ready to play the main role in every meal

Poblano peppers filled with a mixture containing meat, fruits, and spices topped with a walnut-based cream sauce know as nogadapomegranate seeds, and parsley, are the stuffed chiles that probably enjoy of the greatest prestige in Mexican cuisine, our beloved Chiles en nogada

The dish itself represents Mexico in its integrity and its symbolic implications are massive: the green of the parsley, the white of the nogada, and the red pomegranate seeds are the colors of our country's flag, patriotic colors rendered to the fortunate guest to the Independence feast held every September 15.

There is no doubt that Chiles en nogada are in the spotlight each year on September ready to play the main role in every meal. Plenty of restaurants offer the dish as the spécialité de saison par excellence, while others present a wide range of dishes inspired on this decadent dish. 

Who would have thought of cupcakes, doughnuts, cakes, ice-creams or any sweet delicacy of sorts inspired on the Chiles en nogada? Well, in Mexico City there are a few places where you can find a well-executed sweet tribute to our beloved chiles en nogada.  
Let's start with Chile en nogada cake!

This sweet version is completely vegan and gluten-free, maintaining key elements of the traditional chile en nogada such as the nogada—with an unmistakable hint of jerez—and the fruits in the filling!

It's creamy, nutty, and refreshing and you can try it at Vegamo, a vegan restaurant located in Revillagigedo 47, in the heart of Mexico City, that offers a variety of vegan, healthy, and environmentally friendly foods and products. 

What about a Chile en nogada doughnut?

A decadent doughnut filled with a rich poblano pepper jam covered with a velvety nogada frosting festooned with pomegranate seeds is an absolute must for everybody that has a sweet tooth out there! 

This unique treat is available all month long at Catamundi, a space devoted to fulfilling gastronomic experiences located in Alejandro Dumas 97B, in the posh Polanco neighborhood. 



¡Solo en esta temporada, no te pierdas nuestra #DonaDeNogada!

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A very patriotic Chile en nogada cupcake!

Crowned with a dome of sweet nogada frosting topped with pomegranate seeds, itty-bitty slices of poblano peppers, green, white, and red miniature pearls, this sui generis sweet and savory cupcake is the perfect candied rendition of the Chile en nogada. Sweet, yet with the distinctive spiciness of the pepper, this cupcake is a slamdunk!

The cupcake can only be ordered ahead at Melinka MX one of the city’s best-kept cupcake secrets near Azcapotzalco borough.

Chile en nogada inspired gelato?

If you are looking for a creamy yet somehow still light—and indescribably perfect reminiscence of nogada—Joe Gelato in Versalles 78, Juárez neighborhood , is your way to go!

This gelato focuses on the core of the Chile en nogada, the nogada in itself. A naturally sweet yet nutty flavor with little pomegranate seeds appearing here and there create a chiaroscuro savoriness that overflows your mouth.

A chocolatey Chile en nogada finale!



Si que siiiiiii! Viva México!!!! Les presento el bombón de Chile en Nogada, ya está en todas las sucursales a partir de hoy!!!

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A Chile en nogada Bon Bon is a safe option if you want to indulge yourself in this sweet, yet unconventional trend, just don't be surprised to find a tiny slice of poblano pepper inside this delightful piece!

It's available all month long in Que Bo!, an artisanal Mexican chocolate shop owned by renowned Mexican chef José Ramón Castillo.


Chiles en Nogada: Mexico Culinary Pride

On September 15 many Mexican families will celebrate Independence by feasting on this dish
Chiles en Nogada: Mexico Culinary Pride Chiles en Nogada: Mexico Culinary Pride


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