Supernatural weekend at Xochitla

Dive into the Mexican Pre-hispanic traditions of the Day of the Death

Photos Courtesy of XOCHITLA
English 24/10/2017 12:31 Viridiana Ramírez Mexico City Actualizada 12:09

Prepare for a weekend of terror, campfires, and supernatural encounters at the Night of the Dead Festival organized by Ecologic Park Xochitla, located in the Magic Town of Tepotzotlán, in the northernmost region of the State of Mexico.

The event focuses on recovering and honoring the Mexican Pre-hispanic traditions, mainly those regarding the views the ancient peoples had on death. For the amusement of the audience, a ball game will be reenacted as well as a cemetery, featuring altars from several regions of the country.

There will also be a walk across the gardens to listen to scary stories.


There will be arts & crafts workshops for visitors of all ages, where you can create your own amaranth edible skulls, (calaveritas), pencil cases in the shape of a coffin, and decorate a traditional pan de muerto (bread of the dead).

The festival will take place on October 28 and 29. Visitors will also have the opportunity to camp at the ecological reserve and join in a campfire to listen to more scary stories.

The cost of the event is $280 MXN per person. For those interested in camping, the price per adult is $450 MXN and children $390 MMXN.

Ticket purchased only at the park's ticket office. For more information, please visit Xochitla's official website: