19 | NOV | 2019
Someone has expensive taste?
The President was accused of buying expensive charcuterie - Photo: /REUTERS

Someone has expensive taste?

Mexico City
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Expensive taste?

Criticism erupted after a document was shared on social media yesterday. The alleged official document reported some stranger food and clothes expenses budgeted by the President's Office. According to the Annual Acquisition Program, Leases, and Services for the Public Sector 2019, the President's Office budgeted then payment of MXN $335,782 for premium sausages; MXN $458,299 in fish, and MXN $150,678 for turkey ham. As well as the payment of 12 smokings for MXN $39,936 and 40 dresses for MXN $120,000, among other products. The information quickly spread after PAN Senator Julen Rementería claimed it was official information. The lawmaker claims that according to the documents, some of the products were budgeted in exorbitant prices, for example, a kilo of turkey ham at a price of MXN $3,013 or a kilo of sausage for MXN $16,789. Nevertheless, the President's Office said that the document does not correspond to what they have spent and that the document is “a forecast of expenditure made by the previous government and that was used as a reference.” Did you really think someone violated republican austerity and bought premium sausages?

Padierna ignores Polevnsky

Baseball is not only President López Obrador's favorite sport, but it seems like it's also a favorite for lawmaker Dolores Padierna, who opposed the initiative presented by Yeidckol Polevnsky, who suggests that women now lead Morena's parliamentary groups in the lower chamber and the senate. Of course, the move looks to take away attention from Ricardo Monreal and Mario Delgado. Padierna said that she has always fought for gender equality but that this is something else. This “goes beyond ourselves and it's also a matter of internal balance,” Delgado has “our support” and will be ratified, she said. She also said she's not interested in replacing Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, as she said he should stay in his position because he deserves it and is healthy.

Outsourcing turns into a political fight

Those who are negotiating new regulations in regards to outsourcing should be alert because there are a lot of low blows during political negotiations. We've been told that in the Executive Branch and in the Senate, where the new rules are being built, have eyes some companies that are fighting new players who want to compete with them. Even the SAT has had to clear some of the leaks that have emerged against the new players. They claim that one of the most active participants in this war is the president of Manpower, Mónica Flores, who claims to be close to Alfonso Romo, the head of the President's Office.

Did the CTM leader snub a PRI candidate?

We've been told that something that is quite important for Carlos Aceves del Olmo, a PRI senator and the leader of the CTM, is the sacred recess period. According to Lorena Piñón, the PRI candidate to the national leadership, the meeting between them never took place because Aceves was “vacationing outside the country” or at least that's what they told her- Maybe the senator doesn't care about the party's internal election or he realized Lorena is not a strong contender. Now we will have to see if the senator cuts his vacations short or cares more about other things.


Mexico’s Science and Technology Council spends MXN$15 million on gourmet food

At the CONACYT’s premises, the contract forbids workers from bringing snacks or appetizers from home
Mexico’s Science and Technology Council spends MXN$15 million on gourmet foodMexico’s Science and Technology Council spends MXN$15 million on gourmet food


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