15 | OCT | 2019
 Soda, snacks & beer, the winners of the World Cup

Soda, snacks & beer, the winners of the World Cup

Miguel Pallares
Mexico City
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A market research firm reports that most Mexicans prefer to watch their games in the company of salty snacks, soda, and beer

The market research firm Kantar Worldpanel México has claimed that 73% of Mexican households will go for salty snacks during the broadcasts of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, while 63% will choose sodas and 47% beer.

“This year, Mexicans will be conditioned by the different time zones with the host but despite all this, markers show that it's never too early for a snack, including a healthy one,” said the company during a statement.

The two main broadcast schedules for the World Cup in Mexico will be 10:00 and 13:00 hours (GMT- 5), matching consumption with breakfast and lunch.

Kantar surveyed 1,486 Mexicans at a national scale with multiple-choice questions to know which food they prefer to eat during the World Cup broadcasts. The company also found out that 9 out of 10 Mexicans plan to watch the Cup and that, in that same ratio, fans intend to watch the games on TV, while 25% will be doing so online.

Other foods mentioned but with less frequency were pizza, fruit, sandwiches, tacos, candy, and others.

Kandar also informed that 86% of fans will be able to support Mexico's National Football Team on weekends while 72% plan to do so on working days.

“Although TV is the mean media to watch the Cup during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, connectivity will play a key role since social networks will play a very important role. Four out of 10 prefer Facebook to follow the matches on their way to work or school, while the other alternative is YouTube for 3 out of 10 Mexicans,” the firm reported.


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