Santos Laguna soccer players test positive for COVID-19

The soccer players, whose names have not been released, will be constantly monitored

Several soccer players at Mexico's Santos Laguna club test positive for COVID-19
Santos Laguna competes in Liga MX - Photo: Taken from Santos Laguna's Facebook account
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On May 20, Liga Mx confirmed the first eight COVID-19 cases at Mexico’s Santos Laguna soccer club.

After performing COVID-19 tests on the soccer players, eight of them were diagnosed with the new coronavirus although they are asymptomatic.

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After two months of a total pause due to the coronavirus pandemic, several Liga MX teams started attending their training facilities. Guadalajara club was another team that performed tests on its players.

“The players will be constantly monitored following the protocols established by Mexico’s Health Ministry,” Liga MX said in a statement.

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These contagions took place during the time of uncertainty regarding the 2020 tournament since the owners of the teams that compete at LigaMX will hold a meeting to determine whether the competition will continue.

So far, these eight soccer players, whose names have not been released, are the only ones in Liga MX to test positive for COVID-19. Enrique Bonilla, president of the organization, and Alberto Marrero, president of Atlético de San Luis club, have been previously diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

As of May 26, Mexican authorities reported 71,105 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 7,633 deaths.

Shortly after Jonathan Orozco’s announcement, Liga Mx announced four more COVID-19 cases were detected in Club Santos.

In the same statement, it was informed that the Atlas soccer team, also administered by Grupo Orlegi, had zero positive cases.

Meanwhile, Mexico City’s government announced that, in order to return to the new normal, stadiums will be able to hold matches, without an audience, starting on June 15.

However, this does not mean the soccer tournament will restart on that date. The situation at Santos Laguna stresses the lack of coordination between states during the pandemic.

Moreover, the clubs have not shown solidarity in the simultaneous return to training; some of them have already restarted their operations.

On May 22, Liga Mx announced the cancelation of the Clausura 2020 tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On May 23, Club Santos Laguna reported three more COVID-19 cases among its players for a total of 15.

The Coahuila government issued a statement asserting its Health Ministry will work closely with the soccer club to assess the health conditions of the players and perform tests on their relatives to detect more possible conditions.

So far, 39 staff members have undergone the tests.

The government mentioned it will sanitize the Santos' Corona Stadium as a preventive measure

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