The Senate, PRI trench for 2018

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Luis Videgaray, Secretary of Foreign Affairs - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Senate, PRI trench for 2018

The Senate is the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)'s stronghold for the 2018 General Election, and we're told it's of the utmost importance for the PRI elite that Emilio Gamboa wins for his team the two presidencies of the Government bodies: the board of directors and the Political Coordination Board. From this day and until Thursday, the senator's ordinary meeting will have to appoint someone for these posts; meanwhile, Mr. Emilio is already reinforcing his main team, with Durango native Ismael Hernándes and Sonora native Ernesto Gándara. The absence of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Luis Videgaray, from both, the legislative and the Party's scene appears to confirm his intention of not becoming another nominee for the Presidential Candidacy of his party. We're told this is the equivalent of being a football player and refusing to participate in the World Cup. What matter s is that José Antonio Meade and Enrique de la Madrid are quite active, while José Narro and Aurelio Nuño are expected to attend the 79 Congress of the National Farmer's Confederation.

SEDENA attracted quite a crowd

The organizers of the Seventh Airshow, took tool place yesterday at the Military Base of Santa Lucía in the State of Mexico, were a bundle of nerves. Not so much because of the pilots, who showed their skills and proficiency with an aircraft, but because of the number of spectators to the event. The Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) expected over 200 thousand people, and since the beginning of the event, the guests began to arrive en masse. This caused the presenters – radio and television celebrities – to kindly request attendants to “scoot over” so more people could fit into the venue. At the end, General Salvador Cienfuegos reported that there was a total of 212 thousand 500 hundred spectators.

Osorio and Ochoa better look out….

Osorio and Ochoa should be very careful right now, but we're not talking about the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) members Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong or Enrique Ochoa Reza, but the technical director of the Mexican Football Team, Juan Carlos Osorio and the national team's goalkeeper, Francisco Guillermo Ochoa. We're told that if the Social Encounter Party (PES) continues its trend, instead of national leader they will need a technical director. We're told this Saturday was the third anniversary of its foundation and their most prominent members were at the celebration: former football player Cuauhtémoc Blanco and former goalkeeper of the national team, Adolfo Rïos. Now, Mr. Cuauhtémoc will be the party's candidate for governor to the state of Morelos and Mr. Adolfo is currently the president of the State Committees of the PES.

The firing squad is getting ready

The Senate is readying their firing squad for the Federal Cabinet. The Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, has an appointment before the High Chamber for the fifth presidential report, where progress and pending issues will have to be explained. The Chamber of Senators has confirmed us that the summons will only bring more commissions, a more suitable environment for the visitor, whoever they are, and even more so if they are a friend of the senator chairing the meeting. Regarding participation during the ordinary meeting, only one has been agreed so far, that of Secretary of Foreign Affairs Luis Videgaray...


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