22 | FEB | 2019
Samsung owns 32% of the smartphone market in Mexico
Today, Samsung has launched new Galaxy phones with consumer benefits - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL

Samsung owns 32% of the smartphone market in Mexico

Carla Martínez
Mexico City
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Samsung is rapidly growing in Mexico due to their wide range of products and prices, as well as new features

Samsung now owns a third part of the smartphone market in Mexico, and plans to continue expanding.

The Mexican market has a large margin for growth, “still, we definitely need a deeper market penetration for cellular phones in the country. People like to change their devices regularly, they want to own the latest model, and since there is increasing competition with other companies, we need to explore our options with what we have in order to position ourselves in the market and keep increasing market shares,” stated Claudia Contreras, head of marketing for Samsung Electronics Mexico.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the company’s chief executive considered that this market percentage is due to their catalog diversity, which targets different segments with broad price ranges. Samsung has improved its offer because they pay close attention to the consumer’s needs.

“We do a lot of market research to know what consumers want. We try to listen to them and understand their needs, and that’s why now we have water-proof phones, some with better cameras, and other phones with special features such as memory cards that have twice the capacity of a regular phone, for example.”

Figures from the Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) indicate that Samsung ended last year with 32% of market shares. Other Asian brands have gained 15%.

“It’s good to have competition because it drives us to develop better programs with larger benefits for our consumers. Some of these programs are Samsung Pay, Blue Coins, and special offers such as monthly payments with no interest for most of the year. These things are meant to help the consumer and gain his or her trust,” Contreras stated.

On the subject of national and global uncertainty, the executive assured that the company “tries to adapt to anything that happens in the country. So far, out agenda hasn’t changed since the beginning of the year.”

Today, Samsung has launched new Galaxy phones with consumer benefits.

“Next Monday, we will be announcing new products and services so that consumers may understand the benefits of smartphone purchases,” Contreras commented.

The company offers Samsung Protect, which is a 2 year warranty. They also offer the Trading feature, which allows for owners of S6, S7, or Note5 phones to trade in their phones to receive a new equipment.

Last week, Samsung launched the Blue Coins program, which rewards loyal customers.

The directive mentioned that Samsung Pay is meant to revolutionize payment methods in Mexico, since the feature is accepted by most payment terminals in the country.



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