A protest against President López Obrador 

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A protest against President López Obrador 
The President said he would resign if 100,000 protested against him - Photo: Carlos Mejía/EL UNIVERSAL
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A protest against President López Obrador 

A group that organized a protest against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador disagrees with the President’s supporters and the Mexico City government. While the group counted 160,000 attendees, the local government said only 8,000 people joined the protest. Meanwhile, in social media, the President’s supporters said 30 million came together to support López Obrador, although others said they were less than 200. Is this turning into a competition? Also, let’s remember the President said he would resign if 100,000 protested against him. 

Will Morena and its allies support women?

Now that the race to lead the ruling party Morena has intensified, we wonder who will the party nominate for the upcoming elections. When López Obrador was trying to secure his victory, he promised the PT that Morena and its allies would nominate the same number of women and men during the 2021 elections. Sources said PT members remembered this promise now that Alberto Anaya, the head of the PT, visited the President to voice his support. Now, the question is: how many female candidates will represent Morena? Which famous politicians will be left out?

Durazo sets his sights on Sonora

President López Obrador has officially supported Security Minister Alfonso Durazo in his bid to become the next Sonora Governor. Two days after Durazo publicly acknowledged his interest in running for Governor, the President praised him and described him as authentic, professional, and honest. However, the comment made by the President sparked attention inside Morena because the President said he wouldn’t meddle with the electoral process, yet his statement virtually left out any other possible candidate for Sonora. Will the President praise anyone else?

Alejandro Moreno forgets about masks

Alejandro Moreno, the head of the PRI, has been spotted without a mask in recent weeks. The party leader has criticized the health policies implemented by the federal government to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic; however, he was spotted without a mask while he walked around Coahuila for a political campaign. Although the party organized meetings in closed locations and asked supporters to wear masks, the party leader seems to want to promote his image. 


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