The President reprimanded Esteban Moctezuma

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The President reprimanded Esteban Moctezuma
Esteban Moctezuma was informed that he has two months to move the government department from Mexico City to Puebla - Photo: Juan Boites/EL UNIVERSAL
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The President reprimanded Esteban Moctezuma

Those who must act quickly not to anger President Ándres Manuel López Obrador are his cabinet members. Yesterday, Education Minister Esteban Moctezuma Barragán was informed that he has two months to move the government department from Mexico City to Puebla because the President needs to fulfill 100 campaign promises by December 1. One of his promises was to move several government departments to other states. However, sources said Moctezuma is not the only one under pressure. 

Cabinet members fear the Senate

The President’s cabinet is not only afraid of López Obrador, but it also fears the Senate. Sources said the government officials are reluctant to have a meeting with opposition senators. For example, this is the case of Interior Minister Olga Sánchez Cordero, who has refused to face the opposition. Rumor has it the Senate will host a small meeting for her on September 23. A similar case is that of Jorge Alcocer, as it seems he will never meet with Senators. Some believe it’s better to stay silent, just like Rosario Piedra Ibarra did. 

Morena’s internal election

Morena’s internal dispute for the party leadership has arrived at the group led by senator Ricardo Monreal Ávila. Senators openly support Mario Delgado, especially since a dozen of them hope to become Governors during the 2021 election. One of the first to openly support Delgado was Félix Salgado Macedonio, who is hoping to govern Guerrero. 

Conase officials join the Zacatecas government

Sources said the National Anti-Kidnapping Commission (Conase) is surprised that its job is being monitored by the state government, which has asked several of its members to join the local governments. This is the case of Zacatecas Governor Alejandro Tello, who recently named Arturo López Bazán as the Security Minister. Last Wednesday, Tello also appointed Juan Carlos Valdivia Meraz, a former Conase official, as the prosecutor for high impact crimes.