President López Obrador is worried about the 2021 elections

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President López Obrador celebrated the 2nd anniversary since his victory in the 2018 presidential election - Photo: File photo
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President López Obrador is worried about the 2021 elections 

Yesterday, President López Obrador celebrated the 2nd anniversary since his victory in the 2018 presidential election. In his speech, he mentioned the 2021 elections, accused electoral institutions of backing previous frauds, and repeated his commitment to guaranteeing clean elections. We’ve been told that this is quite interesting, since his 2018 win took place amid a free and clean election, and now the President is worried about a setback in regards to elections. After López Obrador said that the government has to “completely eradicate electoral fraud,” some are wondering will be considered as clean only if Morena wins the elections and if a defeat would be considered a fraud. 

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Rabindranath Salazar is in trouble

We’ve been told that if someone wants to send a thoughtful gift to Rabindranath Salazar, the Deputy Interior Minister, you can gift him a compass because we’ve been told he’s lost his way. We’ve been told that Rabindranath, who is now isolating after contracting COVID-19, had been telling those close to him that he was the political operator they needed at the Interior Ministry. We’ve been told that the ministry learned about what Rabindranath said and that it informed the President’s office. Sources inside the Segob say that his arrival at this government department is not necessarily a prize. 

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Austerity has crossed borders

Employees working at the Mexican consulates in the U.S. are worried after some of them have contracted COVID-19 and their health insurance isn’t enough to cover the illness. This is the case of a Mexican employee in Little Rock, who is in hospital and his family has had to raise funds to cover the expenses. It seems like austerity has crossed borders. 

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Did the Cepropie hide a video?

The Center for Production of Informative Programs and Specials (Cepropie) argues that anyone who wants to see Alfonso Durazo’s press conference from June 26, where he discusses the attack against Omar García Harfuch, can do it anytime and that it is accessible to the public. The Cepropie made the comment after it was reported that the video was unavailable on YouTube

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