Preserving Mexican ingredients through gelato
Joe Gelato is located in one of the city's up-and-coming neighborhoods - Photo: Taken from Joe Gelato's Instagram account

Preserving Mexican ingredients through gelato

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Mexico City
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The olive oil gelato and the cacao sorbet are a must!

Gelato is Italian ice cream. In contrast with American ice cream, gelato is made with milk or water, as has less fat and sugar than regular ice cream. It also has less air, which gives it a smooth and dense texture; therefore, gelato is much healthier than regular ice cream.

In Mexico, a few gelato shops have opened, nevertheless, the majority of them are chain stores that offer common flavors and whose ice cream is not artisanal. Luckily, a Mexican chef decided to change this and opened Mexico City's best gelato shop: Joe Gelato.

You might be wondering why Joe Gelato is the best? Well, chef Joe uses traditional Mexican ingredients, which are fresh, seasonal, and high quality and then transforms them into delicious and creamy gelato.

Joe's gelato is so good it has become a favorite among locals and tourists, it has been mentioned by magazines and newspapers, and it recently received the Certificato di Eccellenza Gelato Naturale, a prestigious award that recognizes those who make natural gelato, using fresh ingredients rather than processed ones. Moreover, Joe Gelato is the gelato shop that has received this award in Mexico.

Furthermore, chef Joe is preserving and reinventing gelato at the same time. He preserves traditional techniques but adds traditional Mexican ingredients such as cacao, corn smut, pinole, and different types of corn. This way, Joe also promotes Mexican ingredients that seem to be forgotten and unknown for many.

After studying gastronomy in Mexico, Joe worked at some of Mexico's most prestigious restaurants such as Pujol and Quintonil. Then he moved to Italy and graduated from ALMA, La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, where he focused on pastry, and then joined the L'Università del Gelato di Carpigiani.



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Joe Gelato is located at Versalles 78, Juárez, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX.

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