Pemex's third strike?

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Pemex's third strike?
Pemex has been involved in corruption scandals in the last years - Photo: Daniel Becerril/EL UNIVERSAL
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Pemex's third strike?

“We're shooting ourselves on the foot!,” that was what a federal deputy from the Morena-PT-PES alliance had to say after the learned about the proposed law that would modify the Mexican Fuel Law, which would basically hand back Pemex's control to the government. We've been told that the approval of that project, which could be approved on Wednesday, is considered as a huge risk after several banks and rating agencies didn't approve the President's plan to rescue Pemex. The U.S. bank Citi labeled the plan as a generator of mistrust among investors. Will the Pemex Law be the third, and last, strike?

Will President López Obrador criticize Peña Nieto?

On Wednesday, Mexico's federal auditor, David Rogelio Colmenares, will attend the lower chamber to deliver his report. In this general report, Peña Nieto's penultimate year as President will be observed. This report comes three months after President López Obrador took office. Will he criticize the former President during his daily press conference? Until now, everything has been peace and love.

Campeche Governor fell short

We've been told that Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas Alito, Campeche's Governor, and the current Conago president, got in trouble after he offered to become the intermediary between President López Obrador and the states that aren't governed by Morena, especially in regards to crucial issues such as the National Guard. Alito created some expectations despite the fact that he didn't really have what's necessary to reach agreements with other governors, which has made a bad impression on both sides. In short, the Governor failed the President and also created a perception among governors and opposition senators that his loyalty is elsewhere.

Mexicans in California are angry

The Mexican community in Fresno, California, is quite upset. We've been told that the assigned consul, Fernando Vargas Briones, doesn't listen to those who want to talk to him. It turns out that anyone who arrives at the consulate without an appointment won't be served, even when they had to drive two hours or stood in line under the rain. When our fellow Mexicans ask to talk to the consul, the answer is that he won't talk to them without a previously scheduled appointment and that they can complain all they want but that he is a member of the Mexican Foreign Service and won't be fired. Does austerity include mistreatment?


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