Pancho Villa TV series in the making

The production will cover the period of 1910-1923 of the life of the Mexican revolutionary

Pancho Villa TV series in the making
General Pancho Villa (center) – Photo: File photo/AP
English 25/07/2019 17:22 César Huerta Ortiz Mexico City Actualizada 17:22
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A TV series about Pancho Villa by Enoc Leaño, who would also have the lead role, is in the making.

Written by himself, the production would cover the period of 1910-1923, with the title “Pancho Villa, the Revolutionary Phoenix” (Pancho Villa el fénix revolucionario).

“He’s a figure I admire and respect, and I wrote this. It would start with the adobe house, when he joins the movement, until his death, with an epilogue of him being more alive than Zapata,” says Leaño.

For the moment, the actor appears in Chicuarotes, directed by Gael García Bernal, where he plays an alcoholic and violent father.

“He’s a son of his bad life,” he jokes.

For 2020 he will also be on the small screen with the new season of Run, coyote, run.

“Which returns with more criticism and acidity,” he says.


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