No punishment for white-collar crimes

The FGR handles major cases such as the Master Fraud and Agronitrogenados

No punishment for white-collar crimes
The Attorney General’s Office was previously known as the Procuraduría General de la República - Photo: Diego Simón Sánchez/EL UNIVERSAL 
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After the Superior Audit Office (ASF) presented one thousand files to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), only 2.19%, 22 cases in total, resulted in a verdict. The FGR, which is in charge of investigating and sentencing criminals, was previously known as the "Procuraduría General de la República” (PGR). It is shocking and worrying that the administration of justice regarding white-collar crimes, as well as others, arrives late.

Among the cases presented by the ASF are the Master Fraud, which resulted in Rosario Robles’ arrest, and the Agronitrogenados case, a corruption and fraud case that involves former Pemex chief Emilio Lozoya. In the case known as the Master Fraud, the only person detained is Rosario Robles Berlanga, the former head of the Sedatu. Robles insists on her innocence and says the case is a vendetta. This is one of the most complex cases filed by the ASF, where it is also listed as a victim.

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The rest of the files that have yet to result in verdicts and the administration of justice mainly deal with fraud and crimes perpetrated by government officials against the treasury.

In the last 20 years, authorities have only solved one case per year, how can we expect justice and punishments for a large number of government officials who perpetrate crimes against the treasure and who abuse power to gain benefits?

It is still unclear what is delaying justice: the lack of evidence or the inefficiency of the PGR, now FGR. It is impossible to believe that in 20 years, authorities have punished so few frauds against the government. Moreover, this reveals that beyond political will, impunity, and dishonesty among government officials prevails. 


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