New case of soda with meth in Baja California

Young girl of 16 suffered meth intoxication after drinking a soda purchased in Mexicali

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English 11/12/2017 11:00 Gabriela Martínez / Corresponsal Mexicali, Baja California Actualizada 10:37
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Once more, the Office of the Attorney General of Baja California is investigating a new case of methamphetamine intoxication in Mexicali allegedly found in a soda product. This is the second case registered in the city in less than three months.

The Minister of the Interior, Francisco Rueda, informed last Thursday that a young girl of 16 purchased a “Manzanita” soda – from the Pepsi Corporation – at a convenience store located in the capital city of Baja California.

The young girl noticed a strange taste in her beverage and spat the liquid immediately, yet she still began to feel ill and was still taken to a medical service in the city, where blood tests revealed she had methamphetamine in her system.

The Deputy Prosecutor of Mexicali, Fernando Ramírez, said the parents of the young girl filed a complaint before the Public Prosecutor's Office to launch an investigation and confirm whether the illegal drug was contained in the soda.

The Ministry of Health of Baja California, through the Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks has dispatched personnel to the convenience store to assist the local Prosecutor's Office in confirming whether soda batches containing drugs are once more in the market.

As a prevention measure, the health agency has issued a warning to prevent the distribution of that specific soda brand in the area where the convenience store is located.

A few hours prior, Protection against Sanitary Risks had already lifted the warning they kept on the distribution, sale, and consumption of the 7 Up sodas – from the Pepsi Corporation – after six people suffered methamphetamine intoxication and one more died of an overdose following the ingestion of the sodas.


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