Cruz Azul registers COVID-19 outbreak

Several Mexican soccer teams have registered COVID-19 outbreaks

Mexico's Cruz Azul registers coronavirus outbreak among players and staff
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As Mexico’s Liga MX gets ready to resume play with no spectators, soccer team Cruz Azul has registered a coronavirus outbreak among its players and staff.

Cruz Azul is currently the Mexican team with more COVID-19 cases with 22 infections, all of them asymptomatic; the figure could rise because there are still tests with undetermined results.

In a statement released on June 27, Cruz Azul first reported eight COVID-19 cases: three soccer players and five staff members.

It also reported 7 undetermined cases; four of them were soccer players.

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The soccer team said a second test would be performed in order to confirm the diagnosis while all players and staff would be tested for the new disease in compliance with the Liga MX new health protocol.

The protocol establishes different treatments according to the case of the players infected with COVID-19:

Probable case: Players cannot leave home. The team’s doctor will have to perform a medical examination that will consist of taking the player’s temperature, chest auscultation, and complementary tests.

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Non-probable case: The player undergoes clinical tests. A medical examination is implemented: temperature, chest auscultation, blood tests, protein degradation test, and complementary tests. In case the player is not healthy, he will be sent back home. If he is healthy, he will be allowed to resume training.

Meanwhile, the Cruz Azul women’s team has 14 infections.

The team was going to play in Querétaro but after the infections were confirmed, those with the new virus were sent back to Mexico City to remain in isolation.

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