Mexico is not interested in generating clean energy

Mexico is focusing on fossil fuel and energy sources that pollute the environment

Mexico is not interested in generating clean energy
Mexico seems to be turning its back on clean energy to focus on fossil fuels - Photo: Ebrahim Noroozi/AP
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Despite the government discourse in favor of clean and renewable energies, in reality, the federal government seems to be rooted in the past and in the generation of fossil-fuels that could become obsolete in the short term, or in methods to generate energy but pollute the environment during a time when the world demands the implementation of clean technology that is environment-friendly and reverts the damage caused to the atmosphere.

These policies are reflected in the role clean energy has inside bureaucracy: government departments were shut down or their power decreased when it comes to decision-making regarding energy policies and the environment. Now, their role is reduced to issuing recommendations while the government favors those who promote technologies that pollute the environment.

When we look at the budgets allocated to different projects, the differences and interests of each become more evident: at the Energy Ministry, the areas involved in the generation of fossil-fuels receive over 95% of the budget, while clean and renewable energy is granted 2.2% of the budget.

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These steps backward evidence the dismantling of projects launched in previous administrations, where authorities tried to promote clean energies; for example, in 2015, the country adopted the Energy Transition Law, which was praised in Mexico and the world. 

Nevertheless, the new energy rules unveiled by Rocío Nahle on May 15 show that the current government despises clean energies, as well as its lack of vision when it comes to the energy sector. Moreover, ignoring legal contracts established in previous administrations will result in legal troubles.

This is why the Mexican government must reconsider the decisions it is making in a bid to undo what previous governments accomplished in regard to clean energy because these decisions also represent economic losses and negative effects on the environment

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