Mexico: The COVID-19 pandemic is not under control

The government must stop sending contradictory messages

Mexico: The COVID-19 pandemic is not under control
Hopefully in the future authorities will considered proposals like the ones made by Felicia Marie Knaul - Photo: Eduardo Verdugo/AP
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Inside the government, everything indicates that its estimations on how COVID-19 would impact Mexico were wrong. The government believed the effects of the pandemic would be quite superficial until the situation worsened and contagion and death numbers didn't decrease. 

For example, Pemex released an action plan before the impact of COVID-19 among its workers, where the state-owned oil company calculated that without preventive measures and in the worst-case scenario, there would be over 1,000 workers infected and 40 coronavirus-related deaths. Nevertheless, the reality surpassed the worst estimates. The pandemic is not over yet, the curve has yet to be flattened, contagions tripled, and deaths are about to quadruple. 

The document released by Pemex includes active workers, retired workers, and their families. In total, there have been 541 deaths among them. Therefore, the pessimist estimation calculated by Pemex regarding the number of coronavirus-related deaths shows that the effects the pandemic would have in Mexico were dismissed. 

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Hopefully in the future authorities will consider proposals like the ones made by Felicia Marie Knaul, the director of the COVID-19 Observatory project at the University of Miami, to study the possibility of outbreaks is calculated amid the reopening the country and resuming activities. 

Knaul recommended continuing to implement basic preventive measures such as the use of face masks, physical distancing, and frequently washing your hands. The experts said health authorities should apply a massive number of tests, to locate COVID-19 cases, and prove medical attention, as well as to reform the healthcare system in the long-term. 

This is why it would be positive for the government to stop sending contradictory messages and say that the pandemic is not under control and that could debunk the efforts of society and their sacrifices. 

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