Mexico calls Mesoamerican countries to work jointly on coffee prices

Mexico’s government proposed the member countries of Tuxtla Summit the creation of an organism that influences global decisions in the international price of coffee since, currently, the quality and specialty of the grain from this region is not compensated in global markets

Mexico calls Mesoamerican countries to work jointly on coffee prices
The initiative will be presented next September 5 and 6 – Photo: Keith Srakocic/AP
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The Mexican government proposed the member countries of Tuxtla Summit to create an organism that participates in and influences global decisions to set the international price of coffee, since, according to the head of the Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry (Sader), Víctor Villalobos Arámbula, the quality and specialty of the grain is not compensated in global markets.

The head of Sader said that Mexico will create an initiative that will be presented on the next meeting of the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC), that will be held on September 5 and 6 in our country; it will integrate elements and indicators to argue that the quality of the grain of the region is not compensated with a fair price, which will resonate in the economic and social development of Mesoamerican countries.

The Mexican officer asserted that this proposal has raison d’être: “Mesoamerican nations are important producers of quality coffee consumed in all world, but with a low price that does not correspond to the work of its producers, which for the most part represent the social sector.”

Before the Heads of State and Government, chancellors and delegations of the 10 member countries of Tuxtla Summit and within the framework of the Plenary Meeting of the Eighteenth Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Tuxtla Mechanism for Dialogue and Coordination, Víctor Villalobos pointed out that, upon the productive issue of coffee in the region, it is necessary to jointly explore the defense mechanisms of the grain with fairer and more competitive prices.

“In a complex international context, we assume the duty of strengthening ourselves as a region to promote sustainable development, creating opportunities for the population, more than 233 million people, and promoting a true integration that connects us and with which we share geography, history, and culture, as well as challenges and opportunities,” he declared.

He asserted that México calls for international cooperation from a perspective of shared responsibility to attend the migratory phenomenon from its origins and effects, through an Integral Development Plan; he added that this plan will allow the generation of sustainable development and opportunities for the region, in a united work that makes migration an option, not a need.


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