Mexico and Canada foster environmental cooperation

Both countries recognized that environmental actions at a regional level are fundamental

English 23/01/2018 14:59 Newsroom/EL UNIVERSAL in English Mexico City Actualizada 15:15

On Monday, Rafael Pacchiano Alamán, Mexico's Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources met with Catherine McKenna, Canada's Minister of Environment and Climate Change to discuss climate change initiatives, environmental cooperation, clean-technology opportunities, and Canada-Mexico trade relationship.

At the meeting, both countries recognized that environmental actions at a regional level are fundamental, thus agreeing to maintain the ongoing efforts to fight climate change through the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the Powering Past Coal Global Alliance, and the Paris Declaration on Carbon Pricing in the Americas.

In the same vein, Mexico and Canada agreed to continue working on the protection of the migratory route and habitat of the Monarch butterfly as well as crucial issues such as ocean health, and coastal resilience.

On Twitter, Mexico's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) wrote in Spanish: "Rafael Pacchiano and Canadian minister Catherine McKenna endorsed the commitment of Mexico and Canada to keep working for the environment together."

Mexico's participation in the next meeting of the Ministerial Meeting on Climate Action to be held next June in Brussels, Belgium, and the relevance of attending to the Global Climate Action Summit to be held in San Francisco in September were among the key point addressed at the meeting as well.