Witchcraft against COVID-19

Besides the candle, merchants tell their clients to reinforce their prayers with hygienic measures

Mexicans use witchcraft to protect themselves against COVID-19
The candles against COVID-19 are selling really well in this market - Photo: Luma López/EL UNIVERSAL
English 02/04/2020 14:52 Newsroom & Agencies Mexico City Luma López, Leobardo Pérez Actualizada 15:14
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In Mexico, you can find esoteric products such as candles, colognes, and balms against COVID-19 in markets.

One of the candles created to keep COVID-19 at bay reads: “Father, we come before your throne to obtain your grace to help us in our time of need.”

Fabiola Tosca, a woman who sells esoteric products in a Villahermosa market, explains that after purchasing the candle, people must pass it around their bodies, from head to toe and then ask God for protection. She explains that days ago, her clients requested a protective measure against coronavirus

In a few days, the woman has sold 58 candles at MXN $40 each. Besides the candle, she tells her clients to reinforce their prayers with hygienic measures. Now the candles are sold out and she had to order another 60. 

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Fabiola is also selling a homemade hand sanitizer with 90% alcohol.

But these candles are not the only esoteric products aimed at halting the spread of COVID-19. You can also purchase colognes and “powerful balms” against coronavirus. 

Claudia Lezama explains how to use the cologne: “Add water to it and use it to shower, the entire family too. Let it dry, get dressed and now you’re protected.”

All esoteric stall sell the products in this market located in the state of Tabasco, the same state where the Governor has contracted the virus. 

Merchants add that the candle is not only aimed at coronavirus, it also aids in the protection against any illness

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